Ship Efficiency through technology

The requirements and cost for carbon emissions are getting stricter and more expensive. Careful selection and implementation of green ship technology can help you save on both.

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With new regulations and expensive bunker markets, the benefit of making your fleet more efficient and less carbon intensive has become a desirable business case. Improving your current fleet's CII- and EEXI ratings will improve your bottom line and make your fleet more valuable. Ensuring the maximum potential EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) of your new builds makes your vessel more attractive for chartering and warrants lower fuel costs. You may also need to comply with increasingly stricter ECA-requirements for your operations as well.

Consumer awareness is growing, and they are becoming more selective and demanding of how their goods and resources are being transported.

Eventually, the greenest Ship Owner will be the most successful Ship Owner.

Considering these consumer preferences and the evolving landscape of sustainable shipping practices, a multitude of technological choices emerges. Amongst other these technologies include Wind Assisted Propulsion, Alternative Fuels, Hybrid/battery Propulsion, Air Lubrication, Paint Systems, Propeller and Rudder efficiency, Hull Cleaning, Fuel Additives, Solar Power, Weather Routing, Waste heat Recovery, Exhaust Gas Treatment and Carbon Capture. 

Individually these technologies may offer modest benefits, but when you start to combine them, the savings will also stack up to very attractive figures.  

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Fram Marine possess extensive knowledge in these technologies and maintains a broad network within the industry. Drawing upon our project management proficiency, on-site implementation experience, and independent analytical evaluations, we can customize a technology package. This tailored approach has the potential to yield combined fuel savings of up to 40% in select cases, simultaneously improving your vessels' regulatory ratings.

In summary, we can conduct a comprehensive fleet evaluation and present well-founded business cases as basis for investment decisions. Following this, we can facilitate negotiations, engineering, installation, and commissioning to ensure optimal performance and maximum benefits of the selected technologies.

Basically, a turn-key solution for you as a ship owner.

Our services include:

  • Project Management of Retrofit and New Building of Green Tech for Ships
  • Advisory and development of business cases on selection of technologies and technology providers
  • Development of Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP)
  • Maker selection and negotiation
  • Creating optimal designs and layouts
  • Engineering and scientific analysis such as CFD
  • Class approval and compliance follow up
  • Yard selection and negotiations
  • Installation, Supervision and commissioning

Get in touch with us if you want to learn more about how Fram Marine can assist you and your fleet in implementing green initiatives, reducing emissions, and enhancing sustainability in the maritime industry.