We deliver technology management services covering both multidiscipline and specialized technology areas.

We can perform design reviews, technical risk reviews, compliance reviews, technology maturity/fit for purpose evaluations and technology advisory in special areas such as:

Special Areas of Technology Competence

  • Hybrid technology
  • Wind power technology
  • Offshore technology:
    • Turret systems
    • Offloading systems
    • DP systems
    • Floater marine and structural design
    • Drilling systems
    • Flexible riser and flowline systems
    • Plug and Abandonment (P&A) of wells
    • Decommissioning of Offshore Oil & Gas facilities and structures
    • Floating wind and wave energy systems

Technology Evaluation

Professional evaluations within the following areas:

  • Design reviews
  • Technical risk reviews
  • Compliance reviews
  • Technical maturity/fit for purpose evaluations

R&D Management

Research & Development management including concept development, product development and technology qualification.

Risk Management

Perform Risk Assessments to systematically identify and mitigate Technical Risks, Project Execution Risks and Operational Safety Risks

Marine Operation

Advisory services and support for marine operations within the following areas:

  • Development of operation procedures
  • Specification of vessels and equipment
  • Sea-keeping and motion analyses
  • Design of lifting, rigging and sea-fastening