Project Execution

We provide advice and support for complex projects in all phases. The success of a project is often founded in the initial phases. We can offer a complete execution modell with templates adapted to your project. The success of a project is pending on how the project is executed from start to finish.

There are many different approaches to how the project should be run and how records and documentation are maintained. Our approach can adapt to collaboration tools such as SharePoint and Teams on a high level.

Project Management

  • Establishment of projects, including:
    - identification of Technical, Commercial and Contractual requirements
    - work processes, systems and resources
  • Project reviews covering all elements of the Contract such as scope, execution model and schedule
  • Cost, Schedule and Risk assessments with focus on execution processes, key drivers and dependencies
  • Evaluation/Implementation of processes, tools and competence
  • Contract reviews

Project Execution Model

Common factors for successful projects:

  • Business cases are made
  • A budget and project plan are made and followed
  • Certain decision gates, or milestones are identified
  • A project organisation is set up to handle the project's scope and activities
  • The outcome of the project is evaluated and lessons learned.

We can assist with project processes and provide execution model with physical templates to a wide range of projects.

Project Resources

We can provide personnel with skills and experience within the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • Engineering Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Contract Management
  • Change Management
  • Technical Safety
  • HSEQ Management
  • QA Management

Contract and Execution Model Evaluations

We can perform professional evaluation within the following:

  • Technology Development
  • Engineering Contracts
  • Fabrication Contracts
  • EPC Execution Processes