Since the establishment of Fram Marine AS on 15th of March 2009, the name and approach is inspired by the merited Norwegian Explorer Fridtjof Nansen's vessel "Fram".

“Fram” was being frozen into the pack ice and drifted for almost three years (1893 – 1896) across the Arctic Ocean from the New Siberian Islands to Spitsbergen by harnessing the natural east-west current. Dr. Nansen hoped that the current would take the small wooden schooner of 402 grt , 127 ft length, 34 ft beam and 15 ft draft within reach of the geographical North Pole. Despite not achieving this goal, “Fram” became famous for enduring the enormous pressure on the hull and avoiding being screwed down and wrecked.

Norwegian naval architect Colin Archer set new standards for ice going vessels with this ship design. Roald Amundsen chose “Fram” as his ship when he beat Robert F. Scott to the South Pole in 1911.

At Fram Marine we believe in combining excellence in science with operational management and leadership experience. The people aboard “Fram” comprised scientists, professional mariners and explorers. Everyone had their specific tasks and responsibilities, but had to work shoulder to shoulder in order to raise to occasions when needed. We are committed to this attitude, for the benefit of our clients.

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